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Hotel Portillo, Chile

Client: Ski Portillo

Ski Portillo is a self-contained, luxury ski resort located high in the Chilean Andes.

Martina was hired in 2002 to manage the press of Ski Portillo in Argentina. Due to Argentina's economic crisis in 2001/2002, Ski Portillo lost a big chunk of its natural clientele and therefore had to broaden its appeal to a wider market.

Martina contacted the specialist press and cultivated a strong professional relationship with them.

She organised cocktails, lunches and press fams every year. By utilising the photogenic qualities of the resort Martina was able to obtain more media space.


Result of the campaign of Ski Portillo

Ski Portillo turned its back on the downward spiral caused by the Argentine economic crisis and maintained its share of Argentine clientele in their client mix.

There was extensive coverage in the Argentine press which showed Ski Portillo in a positive light that was consistantly reported each season, this being due to Martina’s efficiency and speediness of handling the press.

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